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Fuel Storage Tank Roofs

It's all about how you want to operate the tank

A reputation for professional supervision during installation is the key to a sucessful project, a hands on approach means we understand not only the manufacture of the product but also its in-depth working characteristics. Our range of products and service includes:

  • Innovatively designed Aluminium geodesic domes that eliminate water leakage issues. With domed roofs it's the small details that are vitally important.
  • Aluminium internal floating roofs using a patented double layer panel system, each panel is individually pressure tested at factory
  • New and replacement tank seals for internal and external floating roofs designed and patented by CTS due to many years of field experience
  • Specially moulded tank leg and gauging pole sealing solutions - See photo of flexible entry point to the right, good design and workmanship in these areas is critical
  • Drainmaster®  tank drainage systems and specialised floating suction systems
  • Inspection of tanks including infrared filming of tank roofs to establish vapour loss characteristics ​

Besides the extensive range of products for tank storage and transfer of hazardous materials, CTS also offers aluminium dome roofs for architectural projects, aluminium dome roofs for waste water projects and aluminium domes for bulk storage projects.

Download a copy of the CTS datasheet which is relevant to your needs below.

CTS Datasheet Subject Download Link
CTS Aluminium Domes for Storage Tanks CTS-Storage-Tank-Domes.pdf
CTS Clear Span Architectual Domes CTS-Architectural-Domes.pdf
CTS Domes for Wastewater and Sewer Plants CTS-Wastewater-Domes.pdf
CTS Domes for Bulk Storage CTS-Bulk-Storage-Domes.pdf
CTS Internal Floating Roofs for Storage Tanks CTS-IFR-Pontoon.pdf
CTS Internal Floating Roofs - Direct Contact Type CTS-IFR-Full-Contact.pdf
CTS Floating Suction Lines & Skimmer Units CTS-Floating-Suction-and-Skimmers
CTS Vapour Bladders CTS-Vapour-Bladders
CTS1 Primary Tank Seals CTS1-Primary-Tank-Seal
CTS7 Primary Foam Seals CTS7-Foam-Tank-Seal
CTS10 Secondary Seals CTS10-Secondary-Tank-Seal
CTS20 Secondary Seals CTS20-Secondary-Tank-Seal
CTS30 Compression Plate Seals CTS30-Primary-Tank-Seal
CTS40 Compression Plate Seals CTS40-Double-Tank-Seal
CTS Integral Foam Dam CTS-Integral-Foam-Dam
CTS Drain Pipe System for External Floating Roofs CTS-Roof-Drainage-Systems
CTS Drain Hose for External Floating Roofs CTS-Roof-Drainage-Hoses
CTS Drainmaster for External Floating Roofs CTS-Drainmaster
CTS Cryomaster Hoses CTS-Cryomaster-Hoses
CTS Emergency Release Couplers CTS-Emergency-Release-Couplers
CTS Leg Seals for External Floating Roof Tanks CTS-Leg-Seals