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Ship's to Shore Access Systems

Telescopic Gangways, Lift Platforms, Stores Cranes, Fire Monitor Towers

Experience is everything when designing a ship's access system. That's where Ship & Shore's relationship with Verhoef comes in to assist you. Verhoef has over 1000 instalations around the world with a substantial installed base in Australia and New Zealand. Their vast experience means they have seen every type of situation, every type of application. Verhoef's response to this requirement is framed by a philosophy of simple yet elegant engineering.

Whilst Verhoef has a range of standard designs that have been continuously improved over 80+ years of expereince, every site is individually assessed for the best option to exactly meet your needs. 

 Download a copy of Verhoef’s Overview Brochure

 Verhoef Ship's Access for LNG tanker. demonstrates experience in extreme conditions.

How do I get a price and information for my proposed gangway?

A wide range of factors from the obvious to not so obvious are considered in Verhoef designs:
  • Compliance with local safety regulations
  • Compliance with electrical standards
  • Jetty size and space constraints
  • Tidal and environmental factors including surge and drift requirements
  • Range of ship sizes to be serviced by the access system
  • Usage of the jetty by all stakeholders
  • Utilisation of the system
In many cases Verhoef's access system can also provide a space for cranage and fire monitors which again saves space and cost.

SHIP & SHORE are happy to visit your site and discuss your operational requirements, every customer has varying needs that we like to understand.