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Floating Suctions up to 750mm diameter

Talk to Ship & Shore about our wide range of options available to solve your floating suction requirements.

Tank owners and operators are increasingly using floating suctions to ensure fuel is taken from the highest level where impurities and contaminants are least likely to be situated. In the past, floating suctions were almost exclusively used with aviation fuels. These days many of our customers are installing floating suctions in diesel due to increased cleanliness demands from their customers.

Supply Options Available

Ship & Shore are passionate about our clients and we are known for overcoming obstacles in both design and supply aspects. Whether you have a fixed roof, floating external or internal roof, horozontal tank or vertical tank, our engineers will design the perfect solution for you. Supply options with Ship & Shore are as follows:
  1. Engineering and design only
  2. Engineering and design plus supply of critical components, eg swivels
  3. Engineering and design plus supply a kit of bolt together components
  4. Full supply and installation supervision 
Ship & Shore are able to supply a combination of imported and Australian made components.

Materials and Accessories

Construction materials can be an important consideration when designing your floating suction. Materials can have an impact on life cycle, maintenance and operation. Ship & Shore are not tied to any particular manufacturer or fabrication shop, hence we are able to advise on the best specification to suit your needs.
  • Materials available include aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel and duplex stainless (swivel construction)
  • ​Swivels include U style swivels, cast swivels, fabricated swivels, aluminium swivels. 
  • ​Accesories include sample lines and valves, position indicators, strainers and vortex breakers.

Advice from highly experienced engineers

Ship & Shore is backed by the CTS Singapore and Netherlands engineering team. Our surveys and site inspections are of the highest order, operational expertise is extensive within the team. Whilst floating suctions may seem like a very simple product, buoyancy, flow rates, flow turbulence and minimum deadstock are all affected by the design selected. It's worth getting the experts involved!