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Marine Loading Arms

Load and unload fuel, chemicals and liquid food with Marine Loading Arms (MLAs) from Ship & Shore

SHIP & SHORE are able to quantify very clear benefits of ownership of Kanon MLA’s. Call us today to discuss the safety, operational and maintenance benefits that are designed into every Kanon MLA.

SHIP & SHORE are happy to visit your site and inspect your operational requirements, every customer has varying needs that we like to understand.

We can also demonstrate a live model of a Kanon MLA at your premises which we have found is always a good start to purchasing an MLA.

 Download a copy of Kanon’s Overview Brochure

The video above is a combination QCDC and ball valve. This demonstrates Kanon’s ability to meet your needs no matter the special feature you may require.

How do I get a price and information for my proposed MLA?

The key information required by Kanon to make a budgetary proposal is; ship size, tide variation, flow rate and fluid being transfered, however a little more detail is preferrable. Kanon is more than happy to provide initial design details such as envelope, loading and recommended design and accessories given your application.
Our objective is for every customer to be perfectly happy with their MLA and experience shows that the best results come from a little extra work up front. The operation envelope is vitally important as it determines the maximum size of a ship to be loaded. Also, the larger the number of tankers that are used in your tanker survey, the better the design result.
Contact SHIP & SHORE if you need any assistance, we are more than happy to visit your site and discuss your needs even if your project is in the very early stages. We can help with difficult locations, awkward applications, pressure drops, jetty loadings as well as a host of other information.

MLA 260 Model Variants

Kanon Bulletin Download Description
Kanon Bulletin MLA260-038 Single Inboard Manually Operated
Kanon Bulletin MLA260-039 Single Inboard, Hydraulically Operated
Kanon Bulletin MLA260-041 Single Inboard with Piggy Back Vapour Line
Kanon Bulletin MLA260-043 Double Inboard, Manually Operated
Kanon Bulletin MLA260-045 Double Inboard, Hydraulically Operated
Kanon Bulletin MLA260-046 Multiple Product, twin MLA
Kanon Bulletin MLA260-047 Multiple Prouct, no Vapor Line
Kanon Bulletin MLA260-049 Double Inboard with Piggy Back Vapor Line
Kanon Bulletin MLA260-139 Single Inboard, Hydraulically Operated with ERC
Kanon Bulletin MLA260-145 Double Inboard, Hydraulically Operated with ERC
Kanon Bulletin MLA260-147 Multiple Product without Vapor Line & ERC
Kanon Bulletin MLA260-149 Double Inboard with Piggy Back Vapor Line & ERC