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CTS Group

Floating and Dome Roofs

Established in 2004 with headquarters in The Netherlands, CTS develop, manufacture and install a unique range of roofs and seals for atmospheric storage tanks. Their reputation for professional supervision or even full turnkey installation is what makes CTS stand out, a hands on approach means they understand not only the manufacture of the product but also its in-depth working characteristics. Their range of products and service includes:
  • Innovatively designed Aluminium geodesic domes that eliminate water leakage issues
  • Aluminium internal floating roofs using a patented double layer panel system
  • Aluminium full contact floating covers for API Separator pits and basins
  • New and replacement tank seals for internal and external floating roofs
  • Specially moulded tank leg and gauging pole sealing solutions
  • Drainmaster®  tank drainage systems and specialised floating suction systems
  • Inspection of tanks including infrared filming of tank roofs to establish vapour loss characteristics ​

Besides the extensive range of products for tank storage and transfer of hazardous materials, CTS also offers aluminium dome roofs for architectural projects, aluminium dome roofs for waste water projects and aluminium domes for bulk storage projects.

External Floating Pontoon Roofs

Do you have any issues with your existing external floating roof? Ship and Shore, with support and ongoing training from CTS specialists is working with engineering companies and end users to solve the following problems which are commonplace in atmospheric tanks:

  • Loss of product and revenue through vapour leakage from existing external floating roof seals
  • Increased risk of fire or use of foam systems due to lightening strike or spark due to vapour leakage
  • High tank maintenance costs due to water ingress through seals (both circumference and protrusions)
  • Increased maintenance caused by failure of water drainage systems
  • Seal breakdown caused by either chemical or mechanical attack
  • Reduced tank utilisation due to the design of the seal

Geodesic Aluminium Domed and Internal Floating Roofs

CTS has an extensive track record in design and supply of Temcor® aluminium geodesic domes and Allentech® internal floating roofs in the petrochemical bulk storage industry. With an install base of 50,000+ roofs, CTS can provide extensive advice on the right solution for you. 
Designed in accordance with API650 AppG, all CTS domed roofs are self supporting and may be designed with cable support of the internal floating roof (IFR). Compatible with all products including 100% aromatics, they come with exclusive CTS stainless/PTFE sliding bracket system. Roofs can be supplied with aluminium access systems and built in supports for cooling and fire suppressions systems. Whilst there are many roof brands and many installers, none attends to the detail like CTS and this is what ensures water and vapour tightness as per the design purpose.