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Oil and Gas Systems

GGS is an independent supplier of turnkey solutions for custody transfer and sampling of gases and LNG. GGS has a wealth of experience in on and offshore systems, for example, they have completed more than 30 FSRU/FLNG/FSU systems. Belgium based, GGS has a reputation for gaining a deep understanding of the end-user requirement and creating innovative designs that out-perform all others in terms of best technical solution and overall price. GGS is the front-runner in creative LNG sampling systems for both off and on shore installations and has the largest installed base of operational LNG sampling systems for FSRU/FLNG/FSU in the world.

Since 2006 GGS has repeatedly partnered with hundreds of clients, from South East Asia, Europe and the Americas to create an enviable record of on-time projects and after sales support.  A small list of project examples follows:

Natural Gas Distribution Systems

GGS supplied the complete gas distribution system for a bio-ethanol plant from the raw gas inlet right through to multiple end users. Scope for this project included:
  • Design, engineering, procurement, transport, installation and start-up.
  • 4 filtration lines filtering to 3um
  • Redundant pre-heating and boiler system
  • 4 pressure reduction lines
  • 4 Turbine metering lines
  • Design conditions; 37,000 CMHR, 24-60 Barg, -20 to 50C
The requirements of the individual users were taken into account, various users had different pressure, filtration and custody transfer requirements.

Besides filtration and pressure reduction, GGS also supplied the gas quality system, including gas chromatograph, flow computer cabinets and supervisory software system.  


FSRU Custody Transfer & LNG Sampling Systems

Over the last 15  years many LNG carriers have been converted to LNG regasification vessels.  This strategy saves gas suppliers a great deal of capital expenditure in building on-shore LNG installations to discharge/deliver natural gas directly into the grid.

GGS Oil and Gas Systems has been involved with a wide variety of LNG FSRU conversion projects with various methodology as well as most of the new build FSRU/FLNG projects. Thanks to GGS experience gained in the specific offshore applications, a vast installed base and first class after-sales support, GGS counts all major ship owners and shipyards as valued customers.

GGS delivers both single line metering (double or single gas meter) as well as parallel metering lines. Sizing between 4" and 24", pressure class 150# though to 900#.

Since LNG has now become a fuel as opposed to a method of transporting gas, the economic value of the barge is of the utmost importance. GGS's solution to this development is cutting edge LNG sampling systems that comply with the highest standards, namely EN12838, ISO 8493 and GIIGNL .


Natural Gas Control Skids

GGS has supplied a wide variety of pressure reduction, metering and flow control skids for natural gas. The system was required for supply of regulated and clean gas to a major new cement plant. The project as pictured involved:
  • Design, engineering, procurement, transport, installation and start up of the complete system
  • 20" 600# US metering system, 2 runs, Z-prover with inlet and outlet headers
  • 20" 600# PRS, 2 runs including 10" slam shut valve, active and monitoring pressure regulators
  • 20" 600# flow control system including flow control valves
  • Redundant gas chromatograph system
  • Flow computer with single SVC system
  • Design conditions; 135,000 CMHR, 25 to 63.5 Barg, 10 to 40C
The successful field installation of this particular project was quite challenging as it was in a very remote location with extreme weather conditions. The completed installation is a testament to the perseverance of GGS staff!

Gas Treatment Systems

GGS has engineered, fabricated and commissioned a vast array of gas treatment systems. The example project as pictured included initial scoping study and consulting with the client, detailed engineering and full project management of procurement, production and assembly, start up and commissioning.

The completed project included:
  • Detailed consultation and design study
  • Stakeholder hazop consultation
  • Procurement, fabrication of all elements including:
    • Fiscal metering and filtration
    • Pressure reduction and sulphur removal 
    • Safety PLC and supervisory control system
  • Design Conditions; 850 NCMHR, 2.5 - 90.8 Barg, 20 to 70C