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Leakproof Pipe Swivel Joints

When leaks are not an option

We are more than happy to advise you on the best swivel to suit your application, Kanon swivels are perfect for fuels including LNG and LPG, acids, caustic solutions, oils and gases and have even been used for steam where high reliability is required.

Overview of materials, sizes and pressures:

  • Carbon steel 
  • Low-Temperature Carbon Steel 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Carbon Steel with PTFE, rubber and other linings 
  • Hastelloy 
  • Titanium 
  • Plastics 
  • Temperature range of -200°C up to 300°C 
  • Pressure range up to 120 bar 
  • Sizes from 1” up to 24”

Specific features for Kanon Swivels

  • Kanon swivel joints can withstand much higher loads than conventional designs due to the special shape of the ball races in combination with relatively large diameter ball bearings
  • The ball race chamber is completely separated from the sealing area making it highly unlikely for fluid to ever reach the ball bearings
  • Inspection of ball bearings and grease condition can easily be carried out in-situ
  • Tell tale leakage indicator allows very early indication in the unlikely event of seal failure
  • Product seal can be replaced in-situ without removing the ball bearings
  • Product seal only works on one side of seal at a time which means you can turn the seal over and keep the unit in use whilst sourcing the spare parts 
  • Swivel joints are provided with long life lubrication, so there is no need for regular maintenance, regular greasing is not recommended, only inspection is required
  • Double or single ball race designs are available depending on critical factors within your application
  • Ideal for use in jacketing and heat trace applications where absolutely reliable swivels are a must
  • Full size bore results in very low pressure drop across your system and allows for use within piggable systems

And a little about Kanon Breakaways

Kanon Safety Break Valves (SBV's) are a simple and elegant concept designed to protect the environment and avoid fire hazards due to spills of toxic or hazardous chemicals. Kanon SBV's feature:

  • Product shut off against flow or no flow
  • Very low spillage in case of activation 
  • Very low pressure drop like all Kanon designs
  • Protects against physical damage to loading arms due to accurate and consistent break forces
  • Proven design that bolts directly to Kanon 831 series swivels
  • Suitable for almost all liquids and gases which do not cause moisture on the pipe wall and do not coagulate at operating or ambient temperatures

Because Kanon swivels and breakaways are available in a wide range of materials and with different combinations of seals they are built to order from stock components. To advise you on your needs we need the following information:

  1. Detailed description of fluid to be carried, MSDS is always helpful
  2. Concentration, particularly for acids
  3. Diameter required or flow speed
  4. Operating pressure
  5. Operating temperature
  6. Application specific requirements such as unusual loads, standards eg. must be made to FDA food standard 

Table of Information on Kanon Swivels and Breakaways

Kanon Series Purpose Size range Pressure Rating Operating temperature Typical Application Example Download Data Sheet
Swivel SAN831 Multi purpose swivel
1" to 4" NB 63 bar -70C to +310C Used for bulk handling of fuels, Adblue, food liquids, acids, very wide range of available configurations. Materials - Carbon Steel to Duplex Stainless SAN831-Data
Swivel SAN812 Multi purpose swivel 6" to 24" NB ANSI 150 -70C to +310C Pipeline jumper systems for hydrocarbons or seawater SAN812-Data
Swivel SAC817 Cryogenic applications 2" to 16" NB ANSI 300 -200C to +70C Used for LNG, Ethylene, cryogenic liquids SAC817-Data
Swivel SRL825 Corrosive applications (PTFE lined) 2" to 4" NB 10 bar -10C to +200C Hi concentrate nitric acid, low concentrate sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid SRL825-Data
Swivel SRS822 Toxic chemical applications 2" to 4" NB 50 bar -20C to +200C Used for bulk handling of chlorine or methylmercaptan SRS822-Data
Swivel SAL835 Height restricted applications 2" to 4" NB 30 bar -20C to +200C Gravity Unloading of chemicals and hydrocarbons SAL835-Data
Breakaway SBV Safety break valve 2 to 4" NB N/A N/A Loading Arm connection to truck. Pressure rating is dependent on breakbolts supplied SBV-Data