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Ship Loading Hoses

Discover the benefits of Composite Hoses

SHIP & SHORE are proud to offer you the widest range of ship loading hose solutions available. Gutteling have years of experience in supplying large diameter and long hoses for hundreds of different liquid chemicals. 

Gutteling's hoses and accessories are renowned for their excellent quality for an economical price, hoses are also specially packed in smallest coil possible  so that the freight is minimised.

The video to the right demonstrates a ship too ship transfer of LNG. Gutteling's Multi-LNG White STS 8" and 10" diameter transfer  hose is certified by DNV to the latest international standard EN1474-II.

Use Gutteling's Chemical Compatibility Selection Tool Below

Gutteling Product Brochures

Product Name Main Purpose Download Brochure
Multi-Oil Blue Hydrocarbons, solvents, 100% Aromatics Multi-Oil Blue.pdf
Multi-Tanktruck Blue Designed especially for tanktruck operations Multi-Tanktruck Blue.pdf
Multi-Chem Black Chemicals that do not affect polypropylene lining and inner wire Multi-Chem Black.pdf
Multi-Chem Green As per Multi-Chem Black but with stainless inner wire Multi-Chem Green.pdf
Multi-Chem Red Chemicals and acids, PTFE/FEP and ECTFE inner lining Multi-Chem Red.pdf
Multi-Vapor Yellow Vapour recovery for chemicals and hydrocarbons Multi-Vapor Yellow.pdf
Multi-LPG White For fully refrigerated conveyants such as Ammonia, Propylene & LPG Multi-LPG White.pdf
Multi-LNG White Up to 12" diameter, temperatures down to -196°C Multi-LNG White.pdf
Multi-LNG White STS Up to 16" diameter, off-shore loading and rough conditions Multi-LNG White STS.pdf
Multi-Bio Green Not affected by Esterified Vegetable Oils Multi-Bio Green.pdf
Fittings & Slings Slings, Hosebuns, fittings Fittings & Slings.pdf
Gutteling hoses are covered by multiple approvals and quality systems. For more information on compliance and compatibility, please contact Ship & Shore.