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Bitumen Colloid Mill

Where passion meets purpose in Asphalt

DenimoTECH of Denmark are obsessed with creating the very best bitumen emulsion (BE), polymer modified bitumen (PMB) and crumb rubber bitumen (CRB) mixes. Years of research and application of the latest technologies in the field has resulted in some unique DenimoTECH equipment.

Whilst the application of PLC controls is one of the many strong points of DenimoTECH, so too is their mechanical equipment, for example, DenimoTECH bitumen emulsion plants have a colloid mill at their core. DenimoTECH mills are made of the latest high quality steel alloys, and produce cationic, anionic and non-ionic emulsions. The smaller the droplets created by the DenimoTECH colloid mill, the more stable the emulsion and the more durable the properties. This is where DenimoTECH shines. DenimoTECH mills are designed to mill very fine droplets and create very stable, durable emulsions. Electrical charges within the resulting emulsions tightly bind with the charge in the road/ground surface. 

Colloid mills are also known in the industry by many other names, eg. de-agglomerator, delumper, refiner, homogeniser, emulgator, deflaker, rotorstator machine, dynamic mixer, grinding mixer, SieferTrigonal homogeniser, wet size reduction machine, mill, centrifugal mill, cutting mill, toothed-disc granulator, toothed-disk mill, macerator, agitator and dispergator.

DenimoTech Colloid Mills are available in 6 to 60 tonne per hour models, research laboratory versions are also available.