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Mooring towers and hydraulic gangways for ships access


Verhoef is the global leader in ship’s access systems. With over 80 years experience and over 1000 plus units in 70 countries, Verhoef has a range of standardised designs which are adapted to your specific needs. Specialising in marine grade aluminium fabrication, Verhoef has a legendary reputation for robust and reliable long life equipment in bulk loading terminals for coal, wheat and hydrocarbons including LNG, oil and gas.

Verhoef designs save you a great deal of capital expenditure by minimising jetty space required for ship to jetty egress, ie. your jetty can often be a lot smaller than might otherwise be the case.

While every Verhoef design is made to meet your requirements, ship's gangways tend to fall into three categories, all are designed to provide safe access whilst following the ships movement. Types can be described as:

  • Tower Gangways have the self supporting extending gangway moving vertically up and down the tower. Tower type gangways allow an extremely wide range of ships to be accessed.
  • Column Gangways are constructed around a steel column with a rotating platform at a fixed height. A telescoping gangway is attached to the platform which is accessed by stairs around the column. When positioned on the vessel's deck, the gangway follows the ships movements.
  • Riding Ladder Gangways range from very simple manually operated systems through to full hydraulic or electrically operated designs. Normally riding ladder gangways are used with non-extending gangways.
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Why do customers keep specifying Verhoef Gangways?
Gangways look very simple, however, the devil is in the details and there are plenty of details which have been discovered over 80 years! Gangways are critical operational equipment that have to work day in, day out and by their nature, they do get quite a workout from operators, ships and weather. The secret to Verhoef's success is in their highly detailed approach and excellent engineering response. Keeping it simple is also their philosophy, Verhoef gangways are elegant in their application of very standard technology.