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Loading Arms & Overfill - Chemicals


Ship and Shore have developed a reputation for a highly flexible approach to your requirements. We have worked with a wide range of chemical handling clients who have a common objective; to improve efficiency and safety in a cost effective yet elegant manner.


Many of our customers have immense internal capability and prefer to build their own solution. There may be many years of highly specialised  knowledge in their specific application, or perhaps there is availability of unused equipment that can be modified and re-furbished.

At the same time, technology in loading arms, platforms and hoses has moved on and various elements need to be replaced with the latest equipment.

The photo alongside shows an in-house solution:

  • Sulphuric Acid, 98% concentration loading at 2.2m/s
  • Uses existing stairs and cage - whilst needing refurbishment was safe and efficient
  • Key requirement was for new swivels as previously this element had been unsatisfactory
  • Specified Kanon Duplex stainless steel swivels with PTFE seals to overcome previous issues whereby swivels needed seal replacement after 6-12 months.


Once again our customer had highly experienced contractors on call to build and maintain their various chemical loading operations. The objective was to replace all ground based hose loading operations with loading arms during their shut down period.

  • 100 mm and 75mm diameter full stainless construction
  • PTFE and UHMWPE seals depending on application
  • Gas strut based balance with adjustment mechanism
  • No flanges required, arms are fully welded to swivels
  • Hi strength swivels mean the arm can support a 3m horizontal pipe, motorised valve and hose.
  • Kanon swivels can be dissassembled in-situ for seal change if required
  • Seal change is not expected for 5-10 years

Ship and Shore were able to supply loading arm mechanisms in a very short leadtime which enabled the job to be completed as planned.


Ship and Shore began the relationship with this client by supplying our duplex stainless swivels. The excellent user experience with our swivels persuaded the client to work with Kanon on a full turnkey loading system.

  • Ship and Shore provided advice on overfill systems and their efficacy with the various caustics and acids
  • Kanon engineering designed a full solution for the customers requirement including:
    • Stairs and access gantry in painted carbon steel
    • Pneumatically controlled ajustable height stairs
    • Safe access cage complete with adjustable internal fence
    • Full stainless steel pneumatically controlled top loading arms complete with cones and tundish parking points to control drips
    • Integrated overfill and level control
    • Parking locks and sensors

The customer used their inhouse PLC expertise to integrate the various proximity sensors, overfill and level monitoring into their internal systems. 

Ship and Shore provided commissioning and post commissioning documentation and support ensuring that all stakeholders are extremely well satisfied with the end result.