Fenders & Chains

Ship and Shore represents EDC Marine in Australia and New Zealand. Based in Dubai, EDC Services include a wide range of quality fenders and chains, engineered, manufactured and fttted at your site anywhere in the world. With broad experience in their home markets, EDC has a deep understanding of the marine environment in which their prodicts perform, and a reputation for excellent value for money.


Ship and Shore are delighted to help you with your fendering project. EDC Engineering use the latest FMA tools and their extremely wide range of components to provide you with the best value for money solution. Each package includes the components from their range as well as fixing and fastenings to enable rapid and trouble free installation.

ECF Cone Fender - an improved version of the Cell fender, great for sites with high tidal variations. EDC cone fenders have a high energy absorbtion to reaction force ratio and a higher load carrying capacity and shear resistance.

Cone fenders also allow angular berthing without any loss in energy absorbtion.


ESC Cell Fender - these are an older style fender which is still used extensively around the world. Cell fenders are  very sturdy and dependable.

Ideal for low hull pressure requirements, cell fenders are easy to install and  have a high weight supporting capacity.


ESA Arch Fenders are very popular and have an improved energy / reaction force. A very practical solution where mounting space is limited.

Each fender may be equipped with an embedded steel plate, this allows for the addition of a low friction PE rubbing plate to be fitted.






ELF Element Fenders - provide a low cost alternative to a cone fender. Using a combination of two "I" section vertical legs and a fabricated front panel lined with low friction HPDE material, each fender provides a compact solution for mounting of fenders in a limited space.

Best option for open sea berth jetties or dolphins where extreme conditions are prevailing.


ECY Cylindrical Fenders - are a very simple design that is useful for many different applications, they are very sturdy and easy to install, providing an economical solution for linear berthing.

Typically used for multi-user berths where vessel types cannot be predicted, cylindrical fenders cab be suspended by chains, support bars or brackets depending on their intended use.


EPD Pile Fenders - are an effective solution for berthing dolphins, freely rotating around a pile to help align and redirect a ship that comes into contact with it.

The Pile Fender floats up and down with the tide on any single tubular pile, pile fenders are custom designed for each application and are extremely low maintenance.







ECA Corner Arch Fenders - are an improved version of solid arch and "W" type fenders. EDC Corner Arch Fenders are reinforced with a steel plate. This spreads the berthing load over a larger area and reduces pressure on the edges of the jetty.

Select EDC corner arch fenders to increase the life of your structure whilst also protecting the craft that use it.


ERW Roller and Wheel Fenders -  are installed to guide ships in restricted access siyuations like walls of dry docks. They can also be mounted singly or in stacks, into the corner of a jetty or lock entrance.

EDC roller and wheel fenders are crucial in eliminating costly damage. They are made with suitable materials such as composites and stainless bearings to reduce maintenance.


EDC Tug Fendering -EDC manufacture a very wide range of extruded fendering for tugs, workboats and smaller jetties. Materials include rubber, composites and steel. Example or EWF "W" Fender shown below is just one of the many shapes and sizes.

Ask us about our full range of shapes and sizes, or tell us about your situation and we will provide a solution.