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Kanon Supervisors make a huge difference

Our customers invariably comment on the no-nonsence attitude and deadline focus of the Kanon supervisor. Here we share a photo of Kees Hoekerd that needs no further commentary!

Kees is a regular visitor to Australia and New Zealand, supervising many or our recent installations.

MLA Project Completion - December 2016

Another very proud moment when a extremely complex installation job is completed and the first tanker is safely connected. These arms had to be made in components less than 15 tonnes as we had limited lifting capability at installation.


MLA Project Completion - June 14 

Recently Kanon commissioned an MLA installation for a major oil company in South Australia. In most cases Kanon ship's complete arms to site however due to transport and materials handling restristions, Kanon organised containerised transport of "knock down" MLA's to this particular site. Once assembled, the arms were pressure tested and then erected. Watch below time lapse video of the erection process.

Energy from Gas - LNG, FLNG, CSG, CBM, CSM - Nov 13
My interest in the development in the gas energy market is due to SHIP & SHORE's product line up, in particular our marine loading arms, gas loading arms, hazardous area rated quick release mooring hooks and access systems for LNG ships. I thought our web visitors may find some of my research interesting as well. The title refers to the fact that there are myriad acronyms for all the different gases which are there designed to bamboozle the layman! We have most of them in Australia and New Zealand. Below is a video from Shell that very simply explains what LNG is. I have also attached a link to an interesting overview of gas in Australia which was put together by the Australian Government in 2012, lots of information about the future of gas for energy in Australia. Whilst the predicted "Golden Age of Gas" has not yet come to pass there is still a lot of investment in this area.


Watch Shell's video, "What is LNG?"


Fuel Security in Australia - Oct 2013 
With the current shortage of fuel due to Cootes Transport having a significant number of road tankers off the road, Australians may be interested in our overall fuel security status. According to research published by the NRMA earlier this year, Australia ranks 25th in number of days stock holding of fuel amongst OECD countries. The net result is that we could run out of essential goods within days of an interruption to our imported fuel stocks


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