Project Examples

Our wide range of engineered components and products allows us to provide you with the very best value for money solution available.

Liquigas requested an LPG arm for loading small gas tankers. The loading arm needed to service ships on both sides of the jetty. Rotation is acheived using standard Kanon hydraulics combined into the remote control system.

A variety of project examples are illustrated below:

Coogee contracted Ship & Shore for a signature top loading project at their Kwinana Caustic plant. Kanon manufactured the full turnkey package including stairs, gantry platform, stainless top loading arms, floating stairs and safety cage. Full pneumatic operation means the gantry is very popular with the operators because it makes the procedure very easy and safe. 

Ship and Shore manufactured these Acid Loading Arm balance mechanisms in Australia using Kanon Swivels. Total leadtime was 3 weeks frrom order to commissioning. Kanon swivels are ideal for corrosive and heavy applications as they last longer and require very little maintenance.

Designed by: Acor MCE this hose loading system is used to manage the 4 metre tidal movement of the floating pontoon. Ship & Shore supplied Gutteling Composite Hoses for the project.

When Exxon Mobil needed MLA's to replace some very old crude import arms on their Gelibrand jetty in Melbourne, they called on Ship & Shore. Kanon designed a very elegant solution, the two off 12" diameter arms complete with hydraulic quick connectors and controlled by Kanon's wireless remote controls were constructed in two pieces to enable a tricky site installation. Waterways carried out the erection of the arms and Ship and Shore organised the commissioning and training. Another very happy customer!


Recently Kanon commissioned an MLA installation for Caltex in South Australia. In most cases Kanon ship's complete arms to site however due to transport and materials handling restristions, Kanon organised containerised transport of "knock down" MLA's to this particular site. Once assembled, the arms were pressure tested and then erected. Watch below time lapse video of the process.