Mooring hooks and much more from Machinefabriek L Straatman

Established in 1902, Machinefabriek L. Straatman B.V. has a long tradition of manufacturing premium quality marine based products. In the last 50 years they have been active in the following areas: 

  • 1965 - Ball joints for the dredging equipment market 
  • 1974 - Production of container spreaders  
  • 1984 - Development of bow coupling installation  
  • 1986 - Started Production of Quick Release Hooks
  • 2008 - Development of complete Berthing Systems

Straatman Berthing and Mooring Equipment Range 
Ship & Shore will be focusing on Straatman's range of Berthing and Mooring systems which they have been developing over the last 100 years. This experience in manufacturing marine based heavy equipment results in equipment that is extremely robust and reliable.  Ship & Shore are pleased to present the Straatman range which includes the following integrated elements:

  • Integrated software systems for mooring loads, berthing distances and environmental data
  • Precision laser guided berthing systems and signage
  • Environmental aids, ie. wind and tide information 
  • Mooring hook load monitoring cells
  • Quick release mooring hooks 
  • Quick Release Towing Hooks
  • Capstans & Winches 

Watch this video of a full load test of a Straatman mooring QR hook:

All hooks are tested on a 3.000 kN hydraulic testing machine and all standard test certificates are available. The test can be witnessed in our testing facility by a classification authority of your choice. Quality at Straatman is both a traceability system and a product philosophy.

Straatman quick release mooring hooks are specially designed to guarantee safe working for such applications as oil, gas, chemical, and grain terminals. All hooks are available in single and multiple assemblies and can be equipped with all sorts of options. 

The GMH mooring hook can be operated manually with a maximum effort of 15/30 kg at full SWL. A two step active release mechanism prevents accidental opening. Resetting can be done by hand with a simple swing movement. Rubber blocks absorb the energy impact during release.

Many options and accessories are available including: 

  • Pneumatic, electric or hydraulic release systems
  • Control panels for central operation
  • Integrated load monitoring
  • Full range of Capstans available



Straatman Open Source Berthing and Mooring Monitoring Software
Straatman has developed the worlds first open source, web based monitoring software which allows you to integrate  berthing measurements, mooring loads and environmental factors all in one system. Open source allows you to extend the system to suit your needs or to integrate it within your own management and planning systems.

Straatman open source software provides you with valuable information. Besides the obvious benefit of mooring hook load data availability, the software can also help you make informed decisions relating to the use of shore to ship loading facilities such as MLA's and grain conveyors.

Actual screen shot of a ship on a mooring showing live load on mooring hooks.