Marine Loading Arms are just the beginning

Kanon is the fastest growing Marine Loading Arm manufacturer in the world for good reason. They start with high capacity swivels and a philosophy of zero maintenance. This in turn allows Kanon to build a symmetrically balanced loading arm that out performs all others in every feature from lowest pressure drop to smoothest movement control and zero moment on the jetty. Customers keep coming back to Kanon for the benefits that their designs deliver:

  • Smoother movement and extra-ordinary operating envelope due to high capacity duplex stainless steel swivels with no heat treatment or finishing processes and 4 point contact ball race design
  • Low cost of long term ownership due to such factors as the product seals being made of 100% reinforced Teflon. Easily removed and replaced, the seal can be turned over and re-used a second time
  • Virtually zero moment onto the jetty is achieved by MLA's that are balanced in all positions
  • Very low pressure drop compared to older designs usually means a Kanon arm is smaller in diameter
  • Kanon zero maintenance philosophy means no wheels, pulleys, ropes or cables are used
  • Y our project gets completed in less time due to highly effective specialist Kanon installation engineers
  • Kanon accessories such as ERC (Emergency Release Coupler) and QCDC (Quick Connect Dis-connect Coupler) are revolutionary compared to other equipment on the market

Watch Kanon's Introductory video.

Wide range of other Loading Arm solutions and components 

  • Top and bottom loading arms for difficult to handle chemicals and hydrocarbons
  • High performance swivels from 2" to 20" diameter
  • Safety access systems, stairs and platforms for top loading of trucks and railcars
  • Kanon design breakaways from 2" to 4" diameter, simple and elegant

Kanon Accessories 
Brilliantly engineered quick connects and emergency releases are just the beginning. Kanon's accessories match their MLA's. Designed to out perform and save time during your loading process, you will not believe how you managed the process without Kanon's equipment.   

Watch this video on our amazing Multi Size Quick Connect Disconnect 

Watch Kanon's official ERC presentation

Watch a Kanon ERC being tested during annual maintenance  

See how a Kanon ERC is re-assembled after test in less than 5 minutes